Shakira invests in the future

    Shakira is teaming up with The World Bank to give every kid a fair shot at a good life.
    According to the singer came to Washington, D.C., to help launch the Early Childhood Initiative: An Investment for Life, a $300 million-effort to improve child development programs in South America and the Caribbean.

    “If we want to build a better world, we have to give children the chance to improve their lives, no matter where they are born or how difficult their circumstances,” said Shakira. “By giving every child a fair start in life, we are improving our collective future.”
    After her meeting with the World Bank Group president, Shakira was off to the White House for a brief chat with the National Security Council and the Domestic Policy Council. A White House official told the
    Associated Press that the Colombian singer also made it a point to chat about U.S. childhood policy with President Barack Obama. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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