C. Milli and hubby prep for arrival

    The Dream said he and Christina Milian are expecting a special delivery by the end of this weekend.

    "The baby will be here Sunday, no later than Sunday!" Dream told MTV News.  And he announced that once the baby is here, tending to Christina is taking a backseat to doting on the new bundle of joy. 

    "The baby already has a car, I got a house just for the baby — Christina can’t get in the baby’s car,” he said (jokingly, we hope). “I’m giving all my attention that I usually give to Christina to the baby, all the flowers I usually give Christina, I’m giving them to the baby.”

    Dream confirmed that they will be having a girl. He and Christina must have had bouquets on the brain when they picked out a name for their princess, too. 

    “Violet will be her first name,” he dished. “I’m not telling you the middle name, you gon’ get me in trouble.”

    He also took a little time to clear up any misunderstandings that the lyrics to his new song “Love King” may have caused.  On the track he talks about having girls wherever he goes—even the bank!

    “I’m talking about those girls that like my music and how they’re everywhere," Dream explained. "They’re the girls in church, girls in the club, in Miami — my music’s everywhere. I don’t mean that I have girls everywhere; it’s not literal, but women do gravitate to my songs."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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