Promoter defends Whitney

    Whitney Houston angered some fans in Australia, but a concert promoter is coming to her rescue.

    The crowd gathered at Brisbane Entertainment Center on Monday expected Whitney to have her act together.  According, what they got was an off-key diva who frequently took breaks during her set and couldn’t correctly name the members of her band. 

    Some fans left the show disgruntled, criticizing that Whitney “couldn’t entertain a dead rat.” Others simply said that she shouldn’t have even bothered showing up.

    Promoter Andrew McManus insists that the haters are nothing more than a “vocal minority.” While he admits that Whitney’s voice was ”a little “croaky,” he feels that the audience was harsh.

    "I am personally amazed at the few who are trying to derail the project and say if they expected to hear Whitney of 20 years ago, go buy a CD,” said Andrew during a morning news appearance. “But if they wanted to see a true professional artist give 100 percent and have a red-hot go at songs that make the greatest vocalists shrink, well come along and enjoy the ride of an amazing talent, on stage, letting her heart and soul out for us all to enjoy."

    The promoter also released a statement questioning the compassion that Australian fans have for the Whitney, writing, "What happened to the Australian positive support of someone who has seen difficult times, and is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see – and they want to ridicule Whitney?" 




    – Sonya Eskridge




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