Dems push ahead for health care reform

    The gloves have come off in the push for health care reform, and congressional Democrats are going after the change they want.

    According to the Associated Press, the Democratic leadership will forge ahead with passing health care legislation with or without votes from their opposition.  This was the news after last night’s televised health care reform summit. 

    During a news conference House speaker Nancy Pelosi said that there are “good prospects for passing” reform laws in line with President Barack Obama’s plan whether Republicans are onboard or not.

    “We are not going to wait, “ added Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois. 

    Both the House and Senate passed prospective reform bills last year, but both proposals have been held up by Republicans in Congress. 

    Had a compromise been reached with health care legislation, it would have provided insurance for millions of Americans w ho currently have no coverage. The bills would also have stopped insurance providers from denying coverage to potential customers with pre-existing conditions.

    Progress on passing the proposal came to halt when Massachusetts elected a Republican to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. With that, Democrats lost the 60 vote super majority necessary to avoid filibusters.

    Next up for Dems will be resurrecting the House’s reform bill and putting it up for Senate approval. However, the legislation would have to be retooled, either axing or changing provisions that many House Dems disagree with.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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