Willie Taylor releases ‘Sex Tape’

    Willie Taylor of Day26 is giving lovers a soundtrack for the bedroom with his new mixtape.

    The singer just released a solo project called Sex Tape, featuring slow sultry jams that he’s been writing since before his days with Day26.  During the group’s brief hiatus (more on that later) Will decided to make good use of his in-home studio, and he said the finished product is a lot like his solo album would have sounded like had he not made the band.

    “During our time off there was a lot of dead air,” Will told S2S. “I was always in [my studio] always working, always writing. So I was like ‘ Yo, let me just keep it moving and just at least take this time to introduce the world to another lane of Will.’”

    Will has already written for Ginuwine, Avant and Jagged Edge, and he put his passionate pen to work for himself on Sex Tape. He wrote and co-wrote every track on the album, but it’s hard for him to choose a favorite. If he had to name one though, the crooner told us that it would be between “Bedroom” and “Through the Bed.”

    We love Will, but blog patrons know that Will is no stranger to sending steamy pics to his wife. Last year he was hounded by drama after very personal pictures he took leaked onto the Internet. Keeping that in mind, we wondered why in the world Will would name his solo project Sex Tape.

    “I’m not going to stop what I do because of certain situations. For me, I try to let the past be the past, and hopefully people will forget about it,” Will explained. “I’m about the music and I wanna keep to the music. I don’t want to be put in a box because of what someone else tried to put out about me.” 

    The release of this mixtape doesn’t mean that Will is getting ready to go solo, though. He continues to tell fans that he’s got no plans to leave Day26, but he’ll prove it through his actions.

    “I know how to [release a solo project] and come back to the fold,” said Will. “I know how to let my point be proven then come back to my group and still work and never miss a show, never miss a beat and still be there every step of the way.”
    Day26 has been going through a lot of changes lately between Que leaving the group and splitting from Bad Boy. However, the singer will soon have a chance to start showing fans that he’s still an active member of Day26. He told us that the guys are heading into the studio next week to start working on their third album.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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