Michael Jordan buys stake in Bobcats

    Michael Jordan may be the best NBA player ever, but now he’s ready to join a different team.

    According to the Associated Press, MJ is set to become the new owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. The Chicago Bulls legend bought controlling interest of the North Carolina team from BET founder Bob Johnson Friday night.

    Michael’s been a partial owner of the team since 2006, when he also began managing the Bobcats’ basketball operations. Cutting it close to the wire, he and Bob agreed on a deal just minutes before the 12 a.m. Saturday deadline.
    Although Bob has announced his plans to sell his stake in the team to Michael, the transaction still has to be approved by league owners.
    The acquisition of the Bobcats presents a new challenge for Michael, who will have to transform the team into a cash cow. The Bobcats franchise is currently losing money, so MJ hopes that his touch will be just the push needed for a turnaround.



    – Sonya Eskridge 




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