Brutha has one day left

    Brutha is back with a new video showing fans how they’d spend their last day on Earth.







    Brutha is back with a new video showing fans how they’d spend their last day on Earth.

    The R&B group will debut the lip for “One Day on Earth,”
    today on "BET’s 106 & Park." The song is first single from their upcoming album Vacancy. The romantic ballad was penned by R.Kelly, and it talks about a man who wants to spend his last day alive with the love of his life.

    The lead single off of any album usually sets the tone for the rest of the project, so Brutha thought this would be the perfect single to herald their return.
    “We believe as artists you should come with your guns drawn, and ‘One Day On This Earth’ is our big song,” said Papa. “It’s only right that we come with it first. It’s a big love song.”

    If you haven’t heard the track, you can listen to it below.


    The rest of the songs may not be so lovey-dovey, though. While the guys wouldn’t give us the full details on their album, they told S2S that Vacancy was inspired by Sin City. 

    “Our album is about fun, sex, love and all of the above, “ explained Anthony. “It’s kind of a Vegas themed album. ‘One Day On This Earth’ is a love song. So we’re dropping the love song first, and we’re working backwards. So, you’re going to find out what kind of trouble we got in for those three days.”

    When we asked them what kind of trouble they were talking about, the fellas only said, “You’ll see.” Of course, we’ll find out when Vacancy comes out, but no drop date has been announced at this time.
    Vacancy is Brutha’s sophomore album, and the guys told us they had a lot more creative control for this project.

    “The first time around we didn’t get to be ourselves, we were almost like robots,” said Anthony. “I think we’re more sure about what we want to sing about and what we want to do.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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