Cops investigate Jackson shocker

    The Jackson family is under investigation after Jermaine’s son was found playing with a stun gun.

    Jaafar, Jermaine’s 13-year-old son, was playing with the weapon on the 2nd floor of the Encino, California, home last week. According to, security guards discovered the dangerous play when they heard an unidentifiable noise. One of the guards then went upstairs to find Jaafar pointing the gun at Blanket and Prince Michael.

    The gun, ordered by Jaafar, has been confiscated, a source tells TMZ that there’s a second stun gun that authorities didn’t seize. Now investigators are looking for the extra weapon.
    The Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services went to the Jackson compound last night to question Katherine, house staff and the kids about the incident.  

    There seems to be some dispute over how long the kids had access to the stun gun. Some staffers claim said the gun was in the house for several days, but Katherine’s lawyer said the matriarch intercepted the gun as soon as it arrived, locking it away.

    DCFS sees this as “a very serious situation,” and the agency will continue its investigation today.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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