S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’

    Wesley Snipes is making his comeback as a thug who wants to go straight in Brooklyn’s Finest, and he’s in good company alongside Don Cheadle and Richard Gere.







    Three different men, three separate lives and one ultimate choice. Director Antoine Faqua(Training Day) not only has another hit movie on his hands with this combination but is also responsible for bringing one of Hollywood’s most talented leading men, Wesley Snipes, back to the big screen. Starring alongside Wesley in Antoine’s latest project, Brooklyn’s Finest, are actors Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, and Ethan Hawke.

    "The movie is the story of Job for me. You know it was like asking the question, ‘Are all good men dead?’" explained Antoine. "All the characters wanted their lives back, and they all had people placed in their lives by God to give them that chance. The men placed in their lives weren’t perfect men, they were flawed, just to see the decisions they would make and they all failed."

    This film, hitting theaters nationwide today, takes a look at what happens when NYPD’s Operation Clean Up targets the notoriously drug-ridden BK housing project.  During seven fateful days, Eddie (Richard), Sal (Ethan) and Tango (Don) find themselves hurtling towards the same fatal crime scene that delivers a shocking run in with karma.  

    Caz is Tango’s saving grace disguised as an ex-felon who gives him the opportunity to get his life back. And, according to Antoine, that’s exactly why he turned to Wesley to really bring Caz to life. 

    "I needed a guy who you could have believed spent some time in the streets but decided he wanted something more out of life,” said the director. “When I read the script I immediately called Wesley and told him I wanted him to play the role of Caz. He is made for this role.”

    If you like to see the corrupt side of the NYPD or men struggling with life’s purpose, friendships gone astray and anchoring a family, then Brooklyn’s Finest is a must see. 

    "If nothing else I want viewers to take away a sense of choices," said Antoine. “We live and die by the choices we make and if you make a selfish choice it can cause you a lot. There is never an excuse to take a life, or break and oath. It’s a choice you make and it had to make you or break you."



    –Marcus A. Williams 




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