Marion Jones joins Tulsa Shock

    Marion Jones is through making apologies now that she’s starting her career in the WNBA.
    The Associated Press reports that the once-disgraced Olympic sprinter held a news conference yesterday to announce that she’s moving on with her life by becoming part of the Tulsa Shock. 

    “The word redemption is not in my vocabulary,” Marion told reporters. “I’m a competitor, I want to play against the best in the world, and I know that I will be doing that.”

    She’s signed on to play with the Shock for at least a year, but details of her contract haven’t been disclosed at this time.
    Marion came under fire in 2007 after admitting that she used a steroid called the “clear” during the 2010 summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She was stripped of the medals she won, including three gold, and then sentenced to six months in prison for lying to prosecutors.

    The track star said now that she’s paid her debt to society, this chance to play with the Shock is about her fulfilling a dream of competing professionally. She played basketball in college, but she never took the court as part of the WNBA.

    “I think when I even started to think about this 10 months ago, I know how much the game has grown from the time that I played,” Marion said. “And that became even more of a challenge for me, because I know that although I know certain things and played a certain way, that it’s 10 times faster, that the athletes are 10 times more skilled.”

    The Shock is the second team that Marion has been linked to in recent months. In December, it was reported that she was training for a spot on the San Antonio Silver Star.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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