Mike Tyson gets reality show 

    Mike Tyson will become part of the ever-growing list of celebs starring a reality show thanks to Animal Planet.

    The New York Post reports that Iron Mike will star in “Take On Tyson,” a reality series about bird racing, early next year. The Animal Planet show will see the former boxer and his birds facing off against New York’s best racing pigeons and their owners.  

    "I may have stopped fighting," Mike told the Post. "But I never stopped flying birds. It’s my first love." And he seems to have a good stable of winged contenders since owns “a few hundred” birds penned up in Brooklyn and Jersey City.
    Mike might know a thing or two about boxing and flying birds, but he put his pigeons in the care of trainer Vinnie Torre for this competition. The head of Animal Planet thinks that is probably a smart move on Mike’s part since he “will be the underdog this time.”

    Details on the show still aren’t completely clear, but “Take On Tyson” is set to begin shooting in Brooklyn next month.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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