Lil’ Wayne issued bench warrant

    Lil’ Wayne is in lock-up, but that doesn’t mean a thing to one Arizona judge who expected him to be in court this week.

 reports that a Superior Court judge gave the New Orleans rapper a bench warrant for failure to appear Tuesday. Wayne was expected to be present yesterday for a final trial management conference in his drug case.
    The case stems from a 2008 Arizona border checkpoint search when cops found ecstasy, cocaine and a gun on his tour bus. Weezy was slapped with three drug-related charges and one count of misconduct involving weapons.

    The rapper’s attorney, James Tilson, explained to the court that Wayne couldn’t appear because he’s just begun a one-year jail sentence in New York. James also told court officials that he has filed motions requesting that the trial, currently scheduled for March 30, be held over until his client finishes his current sentence.

    Prosecutors in the Arizona case argued for a bench warrant, stating that Weezy is now a convict and that his bond should be raised to $150,000. A bench warrant can be issued by a judge when someone doesn’t follow court order, and it allows authorities to arrest the subject and haul them in to court.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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