Beyoncé makes $3 mil with Heat

    Beyoncé is enjoying the sweet smell of success at the perfume counter with Heat, her new sniff-able sensation.
    Yahoo! News reports that the spicy, sweet fragrance has sold $3 million worth of Heat since it came out last month. That includes about 72,000 bottles that flew off shelves in the matter of an hour while she signed autographs at Macy’s in February.

    Those impressive sales may solely have been based on her star power, but Bey’s perfume is truly a quality fragrance. Heat smolders with notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia and blush peach.  It has a slightly spicy base that really adds a little fire.
    She may not be outselling beauty counter juggernauts like Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, which earned $67.2 million in 2009, but she’s well on her way to leading the pack among her other performer peers.  Celine Dion’s self-titled perfume made $26.4 million last year while Jennifer Lopez racked up $18.5 million with her flagship fragrance, Glo.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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