Whitney goes in on young artists

    Whitney Houston is getting candid about her take on young performers and their style.

    “Music doesn’t change, people change the music, “ Whitney said during an interview, before adding that she feels artists are starting to rely on gimmicks to sell records. “They become characters instead of really displaying their gifts. ”

    Whitney feels there’s nothing wrong with a little extravagance and flair, but that some artists just take it too far. The “Million Dollar Bill” diva swears she isn’t talking about anyone in particular, and we won’t call any names, but music fans might immediately think of Lady Gaga and more recently Rihanna. 

    “There are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don’t really have to put on Halloween costumes,” Whitney said. “Some of them are very dark. In days where we are going through so much…it’s time to sing about love.”

    The singer admits that she wore some pretty outrageous stuff too when she first broke onto the scene back in the ‘80s.  But she attributes her fashion choices to the times.

    “That was the ‘80s,” Whitney said in her defense. “I look at myself, I look at Madonna, I look at Prince, I look at Michael [Jackson]. I look at all of us and I go ‘We had costumes. They weren’t scary, it was that we were performers.’”

    See what else Whitney had to say when you watch her full interview below.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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