Wendy shocked by “Game” comeback

    Wendy Raquel Robinson, aka Tasha Mack, is the first cast member of “The Game” to speak about the show’s resurrection.

    As S2S reported months ago, BET has picked up the sitcom is working on plans to bring it back with new episodes in the very near future. Don’t say we didn’t tell you! 
    “Me and my husband were in shock,” Wendy told
    NBC Washington about her reaction to the news.  “It was something that we campaigned for and prayed for. BET was promising from the get-go that it was going to happen.“

    Up until now the cast has remained tight-lipped about the fate of  “The Game.” Although, the show may have found a new home field, it’s not clear how much of the team will be returning along with it.

    “My only hesitation is that we haven’t gotten our deals as actors yet,“ said Wendy. “I’m hoping there will be no hiccups. I can’t really scream and shout the way I want to, but I’m doing internal somersaults. I just don’t want to lose the integrity of the show. There’s nothing worse than coming back and it’s different.”
    The CW cancelled “The Game” last year after show creator Mara Brock Akil attempted to retool the show as an hour-long dramedy, conforming to the network’s favored format. That despite several campaigns by fans to save the sitcom, including a YouTube effort led by the show’s cast.
    Since the show was cut, some members of the central cast have found new jobs. Coby Bell, who played Jason Pitts, has landed a job on “Burn Notice.”
    Wendy played the no-nonsense, entrepreneurial Tasha Mack, whose son, Malik Wright, plays for the San Diego Sabers. Tasha always provided that smart-mouthed comic relief and Wendy can’t wait to pick the role back up again because she really connected with it.
    “It’s not that often that you get a role that you identify with and you love,” she said. “[Tasha] is my alter ego. I’m pretty much a quiet person but I love how she’s sassy. She’s a relief for me on so many levels. I love her. She stands up for her son, she stands up for women — I can’t wait to see where she will go.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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