Deelishis: Orlando’s not cheating

    Reality star Deelishis is clearing up a couple of rumors making their way around the ‘Net this week.

    Over the weekend, Deelishis posted a note on Facebook, talking about a woman named Cassie who “tried to step in on our union.” Many assumed that Cassie is sleeping with Deelishis’ husband Orlando, but D said that’s wrong.

    "Orlando ain’t cheating,” Deelishis told S2S publisher Jamie Foster Brown. She went on to explain that Cassie is a patron at Orlando’s club in Detroit, who has tried getting a little too friendly with him. Although he did turn her down gently, Cassie kept whispering that she was going to wear him down. 

    “She started talking in the streets about what she was going to get popping with my dude,” Deelishis dished. “She was spending time at the club as though that was her dude. She’d be down there that often.”

    From what D told us, Cassie had also gotten into the habit of texting Orlando at very inappropriate times.  The fact that she had his number isn’t a big deal, though because he makes that information very public.
    Once Cassie started getting too cozy, though, Deelishis spoke with her woman-to-woman. When that didn’t work, Orlando’s gentle rejection toughened up a bit, and the wannabe mistress has backed off.
    And contrary to reports from, Deelishis is still with child…for now anyway. “I didn’t have the baby yet,” she told S2S exclusively. “She’s due March 27, this weekend.” 



    — Sonya Eskridge




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