Gilbert accused of cover-up

    Federal prosecutors claim Gilbert Arenas tried to cover up the real reason he brought guns to work, and they want him behind bars.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., is calling on the D.C. Superior Court to slap Gilbert with a jail sentence of at least three months following his locker room confrontation with Washington Wizard’s teammate, Javaris Crittendon. Gilbert brought four unloaded guns with him to the Verizon Center on December 21.

    Prosecutors charge in a 61-page sentencing memo that Gilbert lied several times about his motive for bring the firearms in, The Washington Post reports. While the NBA player has maintained that the incident was an inside joke gone wrong, the memo states that it was actually a “calculated and premeditated” threat against the other man.
    The court document, filed Tuesday, paints Gilbert as unwilling to accept responsibility for his part in the case. Attorneys also charge that he didn’t say anything about a dust-up with Javaris until he’d told more than three different lies about why he had the guns at the arena.

    "The day after the locker room confrontation, the defendant tried to orchestrate a cover-up to conceal his confrontation with Crittenton, a campaign that would continue . . . for some time," the memo states.

    Despite prosecutor allegations, Gilbert’s attorney, Kenneth L. Wainstein, is sticking with the story that this incident was just a prank.

    “It was not intended to be violent, but was rather a very misguided attempt to play a prank to provoke a reaction,” Kenneth wrote in his own sentencing memo.

    Allegedly, Gilbert also denied that Javaris had ever been in the locker room while the guns were on the premises. Supposedly Gilbert also tried to send Javaris a text message prompting him to lie about their disagreement.
    Gilbert was charged with a felony for carrying a gun without a permit when he copped a plea deal back in January. Under the deal, prosecutors can’t seek a prison term exceeding six months. He’s also been allowed to walk free until March 26, when he is expected to appear in court for sentencing.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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