Judge calls Keyshia illiterate

    A New Jersey judge added insult to injury in a ruling against Keyshia Cole yesterday

    TMZ.com reports that the court official slammed Keyshia during her breach of contract trial. A promoter was suing the singer for pulling a no-show back in 2006 after he paid her $15,000.

    In the judge’s opinion, Keyshia hesitated to read papers so often during her testimony “that it [appeared] at times that she was not literate.”

    And apparently Keyshia didn’t do much better when left to her own device. The judge called her testimony “confused and at times nonsensical.”
    Keyshia later proved the judge’s assumptions wrong when she willingly read documents that supported her case.

    Despite her reading skills, though, the judge still ordered her to pay the plaintiff $160,000 in the case.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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