Foxx returning to Fox

    Jamie Foxx is returning to the network that launched his career with a sketch comedy show.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has picked up a pilot for Jamie’s untitled project, which features some urban swag. The comedian is acting as the executive producer, but he’s really making sure the show will be a hit right out of the gate by bringing on board some writers from “In Living Color”  to produce.

    Affion Crockett is set to star in the show, so this is bound to be good! He’s the guy behind some of the funniest viral videos this year, including that spoof he did of Russell Simmons, which still has us rolling. 

    The show is actually the result of two different pitches from Jamie and Affion that Fox just decided to fuse together. 

    There’s no word if Jamie will step out from behind the camera to occasionally appear on the show. Affion, on the other hand, will be involved in the creative process for the sketch show since he’ll also be acting as both a writer and producer.

    An airdate for the show has yet to be announced.



    — Sonya Eskridge 




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