‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

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    Couple: Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke

    Dance: Foxtrot
    After last week’s stellar performance, we just knew Chad was going to bring it this week with the Foxtrot. He showed us he’s got grace and his chemistry with his instructor Cheryl, an MVP in her own right, were the makings for a flawless performance.

    Practice this week seemed to go swimmingly as Chad and Cheryl flew through steps with smiles on their faces.  

    “I have a really good feeling this Foxtrot is going to put us on top,” Chad shared during a break in practice.

    Considering how most other athletes would have looked doing this dance, we thought Chad did pretty good. With the exception of a few catches, he was able to keep his movement light and fairly smooth.


    The judges went in on Chad and Cheryl once the two were through. All the praise they earned last Monday was snatched backso fast that it had our heads spinning like a top!

    “There was little about that I can talk about to give you any encouragement,” judge Len Goodman chastised. “It was terrible posture. It’s like the snow: You’re just glad when it’s over.”

    “You looked uncomfortable,” agreed judge Bruno Tonioli. “I still believe there is something there we haven’t seen, but instead of going forward you are going backward. It was cumbersome.”
    “You have to start understanding your movement and letting it go. You’re thinking too much,” said judge Carrie Ann Inaba, encouraging Chad to approach this ballroom as if it were the gridiron. “Dancing is a lot like football. You’ve got to be in the moment. I think you’re coming out and thinking it’s two completely different worlds, and they’re not.”
    With critiques like that we expected him to get 5s across the board, but he did slightly better than predicted with a score of 16 for the second night. That gives him a total score of 34 when combined with last week’s score. 


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    6 thoughts on “‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

    1. “Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.”

      Keep leading the way, thanks for sharing your tremendous leadership skills with us.

      stay blessed,

    2. From American football wide receiver (Cincinnati Bengals) to a foxtrot dancer? WOW! That’s Chad! I can’t stop lauging out loud when he did a hover cross and open impetus. He’s great though! Will repost this on various M.C. Handy’s Paper Writing Service.

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