‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

    Couple: Niecy Nash and Louie van Amstel

    Dance: Foxtrot

    Niecy was looking to take on the literal interpretation of the Foxtrot by being a little sultry for this ballroom dance, and her partner was all set to let her! He envisioned her taking on the flavor of a Latin diva in this routine.

    When Niecy found out that the trot is all about old Hollywood glamour, she insisted on fitting the role. She’s got a lot of personality, so we can see how one maybe tempted to give her over-the-top parts, but you have to remember that she is an actress.

    “I can bring the drama and romance to the dance, “ she exclaimed, determined not to be typecast into the same character week after week. 

    She made good on that vow last night, too. While it was a little less graceful than we would have liked to see her move, she danced the Foxtrot joyfully and stayed on top of the beat throughout the piece. How can you not love anyone who is going to lip-synch the words while they dance? Now that’s coordination!

    Niecy and Louie were just delicious on the dance floor, and the judges ate up their routine!

    “You were light and frothy,” said Bruno. “It was like a strawberry milkshake.”

    “I thought, compared to last week, you were a revelation,” Len echoed. Someone must have put a little extra sugar in his coffee yesterday because we knew he’d find something wrong with an otherwise delightful dance.

    “You are spectacular in a really wonderful way,” Carrie Ann said, but she pointed out that Niecy has to live up to her personality. “I think next you’re going to need to do it a little bigger.”

    Our girl Niecy cleaned up on the scoreboard by earning 21 points. That puts her at 39 points out of 60 when combined with her tally from last week.
    We loved her, the judges loved, but will the rest of the “DWTS” audience? See if she and Chad get to stick around for another week tonight, when ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” tonight at 8 p.m. EST.



    – Sonya Eskridge

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