Will locked in for double duty

    There’s word that Will Smith could be saving the world once again in two forthcoming Independence Day sequels.
    It looks like prayers from the “HawtoRNe” set could soon be answered, if new rumors are to be believed. According to IESB.net, Will has been locked in to star in the next two installments of the Independence Day franchise.

    20th Century Fox has wanted to do a sequel to the summer blockbuster for years, but Will’s pay has been one of the roadblocks that kept such a project from happening sooner. The creative team behind the original film also wanted to take their time returning to that world and story line.

    Now that Fox has loosened the grip on its wallet, shooting for the films could start as soon as next year. Reportedly the films would be shot back-to-back.
    Although this is exciting news for movie buffs everywhere, we can’t get too excited right now because Fox hasn’t commented on the rumored projects just yet.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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