S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’

    Take it from the cast of Why Did I Get Married Too?: This movie is about to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

    We caught up with Sharon Leal, who plays Dianne, while in the Bahamas for the premiere. She told us that WDGIMT? creator and star Tyler Perry really cranked up the drama for the sequel.

    “Everything gets heightened a little bit more,” she hinted. “I mean, you have Angela acting crazier than ever, you have the couples going through another set of issues. Even though [the film] touches on a little bit more drama it definitely doesn’t disappoint.”

    But, hold up, what set Angela (played by Tasha Smith) off this time?!  Apparently Marcus (played by Michael Jai White) has reclaimed his spot as the breadwinner in their home, and it’s got her feeling a little uneasy.

    “He’s the host of a sports talk show, and he gets paid the big bucks,” Michael told S2S, “a little bit bigger than Angela now, whose business is kind of floundering because of the economy. She no longer wears the pants."
    Tyler literally flipped the script with that couple, because last time around, Angela couldn’t stop harping on Marcus for being a benched NFL player. We’re curious to see how this one plays out! However, we just can’t use our willful suspension of disbelief to envision a Black salon going under. You know sistas have to keep our heads looking right!
    We know Michael and Tasha can pull off any scenario, and part of what makes that work is their obvious chemistry. He tells us that they’ve been friends for years and they even dated at one point, so it comes naturally to them. 

    Anyway, be sure to catch up with all four of our favorite Tyler Perry couples starting today as Why Did I Get Married Too? officially hits theaters nationwide




    – Sonya Eskridge

        Reporting by Ericka Boston





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