‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 5

    Couple: Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel

    Dance: Waltz

    This week Louis and Niecy decided to make a political statement with their performance this week.  They played an interracial couple from the 60s a la Mildred and Richard Loving of Virginia. Before their landmark case it was illegal for people of two different races (specifically Blacks and Whites) to get married.

    “I love my boyfriend so much, and if I couldn’t be with him because a law said that, or society said that, I would be devastated,” she said during practice.

    Louis sympathized, saying, “I hear you. I’m still in that boat. We’ve come a long way, but you’ve got to help me fight my battle too.”
    Niecy really gave herself over to the story she and Louis were telling and was completely immersed in the character she played.

    Although she got caught on a couple of steps, Niecy delivered an elegant, yet emotional, performance. But we were blown away with the compass turn she did. Who knew Niecy could get low like that?! 


    The judges couldn’t deny that Niecy and Louis’ Waltz gave a great performance of the piece, but they offered a few pointers for next week.
    “You must work now on better technique,” said Len. 

    It was a tale of love surviving against all odds and you acted it very well,” Bruno complimented before advising them to spend a little more time on footwork.

    While Carrie Ann agreed with the message of the piece, it left her a bit confused. “I didn’t understand the ending,” she said. “I thought it was about love and coming together as a couple, [but] the bittersweet energy sort of stayed the whole way.”

    In the end, Niecy and Louis waltzed off with a score of 21. To see if that was enough to keep them in the competition, watch “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” tonight when it airs at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



    — Sonya Eskridge

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