Shaunie previews ‘Basketball Wives’


    Shaunie O’Neal is uniting ladies living the NBA lifestyle in “Basketball Wives,” and we’ve got a sneak peek at the show.
    The series, debuting April 11 at 10 p.m. EST on VH1, profiles of the lives of six NBA sweethearts, including Shaunie. Not all of the girls are married to the game, though. A couple of the women featured are either divorced or separated from their athletic exes. 

    “Basketball Wives” picks up after Shaunie left Shaq for his numerous affairs, including one with Laura Govan. Laura’s sister, Gloria, is a featured cast member. Spoiler alert: someone definitely asks “Who slept with Shaq” during one episode. Scandalous! 

    And Dwight Howard’s baby mama, Royce Reed, will be part of “Basketball Wives” as well, but it seems she’s not feeling like part of the clique. Some wondered how she could be involved with the show since she’s not allowed to refer to her ex-man in any way, shape or form. Well, we’ll found out as the season progresses.
    Despite all the potential for awkward, uncomfortable situations, we thought the ladies would keep their cool during show.  But, from throwing drinks to fighting at the dinner table, drama seems to ensue on a regular basis during “Basketball Wives.“


    These aren’t the only women Shaunie’s been working with lately, though. According to, she Shaq’s mistress, Vanessa Lopez, are using the same detective to dig up dirt on the NBA player.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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