Beyoncé ditches ‘Star’ role

    Beyoncé has had to back out of a role in the remake of the Hollywood classic, A Star Is Born.
    Basil Iwanyk, the films producer, told that the movie would go into production sans Sasha Fierce this fall. Apparently, Bey and Warner Bros. Pictures just couldn’t hammer out the details of her movie contract.
    “We wanted Beyonce, she wanted to do it, but it was hard to figure out her dates and her deal" said Basil. "She just came off of a huge world tour and Warners wants to have the movie for next summer, and so we just couldn’t work out.”
    Unfortunately, Basil didn’t say who the studio might bring on to replace Bey, but Russell Crowe is in talks to be the movie’s leading man. The "Single Ladies" diva may not be irreplaceable, but who could really fill her stilettos?!
    No matter who they find to take over for Beyoncé, this will be the fourth incarnation of A Star Is Born, which was originally released in 1937.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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