What’s really up with Lance Gross?

    You can’t believe everything you read about Lance Gross on the blogs. 

    S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown recently found out that some of the drama surrounding Lance’s breakup up with ex-fiancée Eva Marcille didn’t actually happen.
    Right after Super Bowl Weekend there was buzz that the two fell out after Lance showed groupies more love than he did Eva. Reportedly Eva was so mad she left the club and high-tailed it back to California.

    That’s not how it happened. We found out that he and Eva went to the club separately with their respective groups of friends and met each other there. When Eva and her crew left, she and Lance met up again less than an hour later.

    When she left Miami it was right on time because she was scheduled to head back to Los Angeles anyway. 
    Then there’s the gossip Sandra Rose published about him hanging all over LisaRaye McCoy at the premiere of “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy.”

  What the story didn’t say was that Lance was hosting the event, so he and LisaRaye were taking publicity pics together.
    But we hear that Lance is enjoying the fruits of his labor: His current film, Our Family Wedding, has done very well, and he’s in talks for another project. There are no details on it at this time.


    – Sonya Eskridge




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