Obama wraps nuclear summit

    President Barack Obama is making sure that everyone who came out for the nuclear summit is on the same page.

    As nuclear talks come to a close in a Washington, D.C., The Washington Post reports that the president sent out a lengthy statement to the 47 world leaders summing up the goals outlined during the two-day conference.

    Chief among the 12 objectives laid out this week is the mission to secure all nuclear materials within the next four years. The letter went out this afternoon as President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia announced that his administration would shutter the country’s last plutonium factory.

    Each of the leaders signed a promissory note agreeing to keep tight security on the nuclear materials in their given countries. Each of them also committed to initiatives that will curtail trafficking of such substances.

    It’s expected that the full communiqué will be presented at the close of the summit, which President Obama called in hopes of establish global nuclear security through international transparency. 

    "Our objective is clear: ensure that terrorists never gain access to plutonium or highly-enriched uranium—the essential ingredients of a nuclear weapon," the statement reads. "The challenge we face is how to lock down the over 2,000 tons of plutonium and highly enriched uranium [that] exist in dozens of countries with a variety of peaceful as well as military uses."

    Ultimately, the president hopes to get all countries to do away with nuclear weapons altogether.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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