Shaq tries to stop Shaunie’s show

    Shaquille O’Neal thinks his estranged wife, Shaunie, is up to no good with her new show, and he wants to put the brakes on “Basketball Wives.”

 reports that the NBA star believes Shaunie is plotting a little “televised revenge” through her VH1 series, and he wants to keep her from making any references to him on-air. 

    Shaq’s lawyer sent a letter to VH1 demanding that it immediately stop production on "any further episodes of ‘Basketball Wives,’ which make any reference to Mr. O’Neal."

    According to Shaq’s legal camp the show might violate a confidentiality agreement Shaunie signed while she was still with the athlete. 

    We saw the first episode of “Basketball Wives”, which aired last Sunday, and it seemed like Shaunie took great care not to mention Shaq’s name when she was talking about his alleged affair with Laura Govan.

    Sources close to the show say it’s not certain that the second episode will air this Sunday because it features a scene focusing on Shaq and Shaunie’s relationship. 



    — Sonya Eskridge




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