Kirk Franklin lays out ‘Blueprint’


    Kirk Franklin is providing a traditional guide to life straight from Heaven in his new book, The Blueprint.

    No matter what you see now, Kirk Franklin has had to weather a few storms in his life, and he’s come out on the other side to create the life he always envisioned for himself. Kirk is careful to clarify that The Blueprint isn’t his guide to life, but he does teach through his experiences.  “I didn’t write about stuff that I didn’t go through myself or research myself,” he explained to S2S.

    He feels the first step to getting one’s life in order is to establish a good relationship with God, whom he calls The Architect.

    “There’s no way that you can build a building without going to the designer. You’ll have light switches that don’t work, you’ll have things backwards,“ said Kirk. “Since God created us it’s very important that our connection with him be really on-point so that we can understand what our purpose in life is to be.”
    The idea for the book came from his speaking dates. Kirk told S2S that many audience members would ask if the choir director had a book. He heard the request so many times that his staff suggested that he give the people what they’ve been asking for.

    “The idea just kind of grew from there,” Kirk explained, adding that The Blueprint took a year to write and publish. Luckily, his sermons and speeches proved to be a good base for the book’s content. “There were a lot of things that I could pull from. When it came from these chapters and these topics I had already talked about them.”
    The Blueprint covers everything from discovering your life’s purpose, to sex and keep your swagger once you find God. In Kirk’s view, a lot of people tend look at religion in the wrong light because they see it as a list of rules and limitations. Instead he promotes developing a connection with the Creator like you might have with your mom or dad.
    For more of his views on how to reassemble your life, pick up a copy of The Blueprint when it hits stores in May.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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