Danny Glover arrested at protest

    Danny Glover is once again free after a brief run-in with the police this weekend.

    MyFoxDC.com reports that the actor, currently starring in Death At a Funeral, was among 12 people taken into custody Friday afternoon during a labor union protest in Maryland.

    The Service Employees International Union said it held the demonstration to speak out against Sodexo’s alleged illegal treatment of workers.

    Montgomery County Police claim that Danny and several of the protestors stepped past the yellow boundary tape at the demonstration and refused to step back. The cops only apprehended the actor and fellow protestors after they ignored warnings
    to back up.
    Authorities say that demonstrators were held in custody just long enough to be issued citations for trespassing. Each of them will either have to pay $1,000 in fines or face 90 days in jail. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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