Roscoe Dash is ready to ‘Go’

    Roscoe Dash wants to bring something fresh to the music game with his upcoming album Ready, Set, Go.







    Roscoe Dash wants to bring something fresh to the music game with his upcoming album Ready, Set, Go.
    The Atlanta native, born Jeffery Johnson Jr., has been rapping since the age of 12, but he’s also dabbled in pop and rock to piece his own vibe together. 

    “I like to be the most different. If everybody’s going right, I want to go left,” said Roscoe. “I don’t even want to be anywhere in the same lane as anybody else. I have to bring variety.”
    Roscoe introduced himself and his sound with his debut single “All The Way Turnt Up,” which was the center of a dispute between himself and former collaborator Travis Porter.  Roscoe said the song was his creation, but his vocals were gradually decreased to the point where he was just a feature on his own track. From there, Travis passed it off as his own song.

    “I felt disrespected,” Roscoe said. “It was a case of not getting credit. Nobody ever knew who I was. So I felt like I needed to step away from that, and make sure I got my own shine.” 

    We think Roscoe put his stamp on it by getting Soulja Boy Tell’em to appear on the track. He’s just the first of a list of rap stars that Roscoe has gotten into the studio with. Roscoe told us that he’s gotten a warm welcome from veterans like Snoop Dogg, Yo Gotti and Rick Ross by appearing alongside them in the remix for “I Wanna Rock.” 

    Roscoe’s long-time fans know he’s more than just a one-rhyme rapper. Prior to his release he’d put out several mixtapes that were popular in his hometown, but breaking onto the national music scene was a dream he’s been working towards for years.
    “It’s like a ‘finally’ thing,” said Roscoe, who always had visions of hearing people all over the country play his music. Now he’s giving them one more song of his to add to rotation with “Show Out,” which Roscoe touts as more of a club banger.

    “Show Out” is the second official single off of Roscoe’s debut album, Ready, Set, Go, due out June 1.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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