‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 19

    Couple: Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel

    Dance: Jive

    Niecy was out to prove that she could add more color to her dancing.  This week she had the perfect opportunity to turn her personality up with a fast and flashy jive inspired by the movie La Bamba.

    “I’m looking forward to shaking things I didn’t even realize I had,” Niecy said. “The jive is probably the fastest I’ve ever moved.”
    She was so all about putting her personality into the routine, that it actually made practicing tough. “When Niecy goofs off she loses energy, and in jive we need all the energy we can get,” said Louis

    Niecy was able to supply lots of energy when it came time to get out on the dance floor. She flung her fringe all over the ballroom last night, and it was great to see her have such a good time with a dance again.



    “You got your personality into the dance, which was great,” said Len, who got a big kiss on the forehead from Niecy. But not even a little sugar could sweeten his criticisms. “The jive is very sharp and occasionally it was a little bit soft, and there should have been a little more bounce through the feet, “ he said.

    Judge Bruno was also very impressed with Niecy’s “fabulous” jiggly parts, but he sai the routine “did lack the necessary sharpness for this stage in the competition.”

    Carrie-Ann dubbed Niecy the Shimmey Queen, but “what was going on the bottom half was just a little bit small.”

    The scores weren’t very big either. Niecy and Louis only earned 18 points out of 30, tying them with Chad and Cheryl. See whether our two favorite couples make it through to the next round when you watch “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge

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