Eartha wanted Janet for biopic

    If Eartha Kitt had a say in who played her in a movie about her life, it would be Janet Jackson.

    Janet revealed to Jet recently that Eartha, whom Janet was friends with, once said she’d like the “Control” singer to play her in a biopic.
    "She had expressed wanting me to portray her and was excited about the idea of me portraying her in a film,” said Janet, adding that she’s not sure whether the project would come together. “I hope it does. What an icon. She had gone through so much – not just her adulthood, but her childhood.”
    A biopic about Eartha, who was the quintessential Catwoman on the live-action “Batman,” would be an interesting offering at the box office.  

    Rumors of a film about Eartha have been batted around since the actress’ death last year. At one point it was reported that Beyoncé would play the fierce kitty, but Janet could pull off the role too. Somehow, though, we think there might be a better fit for the part. Thandie Newton, maybe? Let us know what you think.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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