Judge dismisses B.I.G. civil suit

    The family of Notorious B.I.G. will have to wait longer for his murder to be solved now that a civil suit has been dismissed. 

    E! News reports that a federal judge has tossed out a wrongful death lawsuit brought against the city of Los Angeles by Voletta Wallce, Biggie’s mom. She charges that L.A. authorities protected his murderer by intentionally letting the investigation into his shooting death fall by the wayside.

    This is not the first lawsuit filed in the 13 years since B.I.G.’s death. Voletta sued in 2002, but the judge in that case declared a mistrial in 2005 when it was discovered that two LAPD cops and attorney’s withheld crucial documents. 

    Voletta re-filed in 2007, naming the cops from the 2005 mistrial in the suit, but the case was dismissed earlier this month. That isn’t keeping the family from looking for the culprit in the Biggie’s shooting death, though.

    "We run the risk of pursuing a case against some people, and later finding out we went after the wrong people," said the Wallace family’s attorney. "There is benefit to both sides on waiting on this case. Murder has no statute of limitations, so the criminal issues linger on.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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