Mo’Nique’s mad about ‘Oprah’

    Mo’Nique wasn’t pleased with how her brother’s appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” went.
 reports that Oscar-winning actresses feels her brother Gerald Imes lied during his interview on “Oprah” Monday. During his time with the talk show diva, he also apologized for sexually assaulting Mo when she was just 7 or 8 years old, saying that it made him feel “like a piece of crap.”

    The molestation continued on for a year or two after the initial incident. According to Gerald, who had also been the victim of sexual abuse, it was fueled by his own problems with substance abuse. 
    "The drugs weren’t an excuse," he told Oprah. "Most of the time, the abuse that I did with my sister took place while she was asleep [or] the appearance that she was asleep.”


    Mo’Nique doesn’t recall the horrific abuse happening that way, though.

    “She was particularly upset that Gerald lied to Oprah that he molested her while she was sleeping because she was wide awake and scared of him,” a source close to Mo said. “Also, she is angry that he did not get any help or enter a rehab and she does not trust him around children.”
    Her parents also appeared on the show, stating that they wished all of the family’s dirty laundry hadn’t been aired out so publicly. 

    “It was such a heartbreaking thing to accept,” said Mo’s mother, Alice Imes.

    Mo’Nique hasn’t spoken to them or Gerald in years; the insider told Radar Online that the comedian’s relationship with her immediate family has gotten even worse this week.
    Mo’s camp has declined to comment.



    — Sonya Eskridge





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