Michelle O sets stock trend

    Michelle Obama’s fashion choices are influencing Oprah Winfrey’s investment portfolio.
    Michelle is setting more trends with her love of J. Crew. While most of us would simply head to our nearest retailer to snag an Obama-esque cardigan, Oprah is taking it to a whole new level. During her show Wednesday, the media maven admitted that she decided to invest in J. Crew after she saw the first lady wearing it.

    “Full disclosure here: I went and bought some J. Crew stock, and that was a very good decision,” Oprah said during a chat with J. Crew Executive Director Jenna Lyons.
    Now that O’s got a financial interest in the brand, she’s become an avid customer! It’s a savvy move, considering many financial experts suggest that you buy stock in company’s you support anyway. It’s kind of like watering a seed you planted.
    “I’m wearing J. Crew head-to-toe and the thing that excites me the most—I didn’t know you guys did shoes!” she exclaimed.

    Somehow, with Oprah’s added endorsement we think J. Crew can only do better. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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