S2S Goes to the Movies: Zoe Saldana edition

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    The Losers

    As S2S visitors may have figured out by now, we’re movie freaks! And if a movie is based on a comic book, we’re probably the first in line for a ticket (don’t judge). The Losers is no exception, especially since Zoe stars along side Columbus Short (her Death At A Funeral co-star) and Idris Elba in the action film.

    Zoe plays Aisha, a gun-toting chick that has the power to help a group of CIA operatives that have been left for dead. Led by Clay (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) the losers are trying to find the man who framed them for a heinous crime, and Aisha knows just how to locate him. But is this helping hand too good to be true?
    In case you haven’t heard of The Losers yet, check out a trailer for the movie below.


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    Death At A Funeral

    Zoe and Columbus also star in Death At A Funeral, which hit theaters last week.  Comedians Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan head the film’s cast. Everyone in the film keeps the funny coming in their own way during what would otherwise be a somber family gathering.

    Losing a loved one is always tough. But between meeting your sister’s new boo, finding your dad’s body and keeping his little down low lover on the down low, who has time to grieve? Can Aaron (played by Chris) pull everything together for his father’s send off before the whole funeral goes to hell in a hand basket. Get to a theater near you for Death At A Funeral to find out.



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