‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 26

    Couple: Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke

    Dance: Argentine Tango

    The judges were tough on Chad last week. One week they love and the next they’re not so thrilled with his performance.
    One thing we notice is that when things don’t go well during judging, Cheryl gets tough during practice. The pressure was just a little too much for Chad this week, so he headed back to Cincinnati to regroup and get some positive energy from his football fans. One Bengals faithful was very vocal about his thoughts on the judges opinions. “I don’t know what the judges are looking at, but Chad is the best,” he said.

    The support provided a necessary boost for Chad, who went back to practice an energized competitor.
    The Argentine tango is a steamy dance that seems to perfectly mirror the relationship that Chad and Cheryl have, so we knew they had this one in the bag. When game time came, the pair set the ballroom floor on fire! The routine was sharp and they struck strong lines during their routine. This may have been the best we’ve ever seen Chad do on “Dancing With the Stars.”



    After a steamy routine like that, the judges couldn’t deny that Chad brought his A game on Monday.

    “I was hard on you because I knew you had it, and tonight you proved you can actually dance,” Bruno raved. “You were like a growling panther out there! That’s the way to go.”

    “We were hard on you because you weren’t dancing that well, but tonight you nailed it,” Carrie-Ann agreed.
    Len simply said, “You grew tonight.”

    Chad and Cheryl got 24 points for their Argentine tango, and they earned another seven points in the swing dance marathon for a total score of 31. 

    Find out whether last night’s peformances were enough to keep them in the competition when you watch “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” at 8 p.m. EST tonight on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge 


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