Tiger’s tally at 120 women

    Tiger Woods has admitted to bedding way more women than originally revealed, but he may still be holding out.
    While undergoing treatment for sex addiction, Tiger confessed to sleeping with up to 120 women during his marriage to Elin Nordegren. The National Enquirer reports that he gave a four-page list of women he’d had sex with.

    Insiders claim he didn’t admit to a one-night stand with his neighbor, Raychel Courdiet, which he knew would kill any chance of salvaging his relationship with Elin. 

    "The one mistress Tiger Woods never wanted exposed was Raychel," the source said. "He knew that she would be the one-night stand that could utterly destroy his marriage."

    According to the tabloid, when the pro golfer’s wife caught wind of the tryst it was the final straw.
    "I can’t believe you had sex with that girl in our own neighborhood,” Elin supposedly said during a call to Tiger while he was in Georgia for The Masters. “That’s it … I’m divorcing you."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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