Matt Barnes boycotts ‘Basketball Wives’ 

    Players in the NBA aren’t too hot about VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” and that includes Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic.
    Matt’s fiancée, Gloria Govan, is one of the wives featured on the reality series, and it seems as though theirs is the only functioning, faithful relationship on the show. But the Orlando guard said during a recent radio interview that he was still “really apprehensive” about his boo taking part in the show.

    “I wasn’t 100 percent against it at first” said Matt, who revealed that Shaunie and other show producers kept approaching Gloria about becoming of part the “Basketball Wives” cast. “My fiancée talked to the producers and felt good about it, so I definitely backed her.”

    That quickly changed after seeing the series premiere. “After watching the first show I was just disgusted,” he said. Now, he’s sworn off  “Basketball Wives” until the end of the season because he feels what goes down onscreen will just make him mad.

    With just a few episodes into the season, Matt has been frequently been featured on the show. And while others’ relationships have suffered the pitfalls of celebrity, such as infidelity, Gloria continues to trumpet that she has a good man. Her castmates don’t quite believe that, as you’ll see in the clip below.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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