Robin Givens enraged over Mike Tyson’s interview



    Robin Givens won’t be watching Mike Tyson’s appearance on “The View” tomorrow.
    The former heavyweight champ will be sitting down with Barbara Walters and her co-hosts for a chat on Friday’s show, and Robin’s not happy about it.
    "When Robin got word that Mike would be on the show, she reacted immediately," a source told the New York Daily News. "She’d rather not have Mike rehash their rather tumultuous relationship. That was a bad time for her, and she’s moved on."

    The actress is so desperate not to relive their tumultuous relationship that she contacted ABC and requested that her name not be brought up during the interview. She particularly didn’t want to rehash their infamous 1988 chat with Barbara Walters where she called her marriage to Mike “pure hell.” 

    Unfortunately for Robin, the “View” creator touched on the topic. A rep for the show stated, "Barbara asked Mike Tyson several questions about their 1988 bombshell interview during [the] taping, which Tyson answered." 

    Another source at the show confirmed that "Mike certainly discusses his relationship with Robin but keeps it short and sweet. The way they split up was so public that it can’t be ignored. But for the most part, Mike did the interview because he wanted to re-establish his relationship with Barbara."
    But the main reason Mike is making an appearance tomorrow is to promote his upcoming show on Animal Planet, where he’ll race his birds against some of New York’s top racing pigeons. 



    – Sonya Eskridge 




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