Solange celebrates Mother’s Day

    Solange is kicking off Mother’s Day weekend with a guest appearance on the Nick Jr. hit preschool music series “Yo Gabba Gabba!”
    The episode, titled “Baby” is a part of a Mother’s Day marathon, which will be the theme of today’s Nick Jr. lineup from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

    The songstress and actress will be performing “Mommy Loves Baby,” an original song, while DJ Lance Rock shows scenes from the childhoods of the Gabba group. 

    As a mommy herself, Solange is no stranger to the fun times of little ones, so she should be right at home!
    The Mother’s Day lineup will also include family faves “Dora the Explorer,” “Go, Diego, Go!,” and “The Wonder Pets,” so your tots and toddlers should have a blast. 
    The extra-special “Yo Gabba Gabba!” episode will be airing today, May 7, at 1:30 p.m., EST on Nick Jr., so keep an eye out for Solange as she grooves with the Gabbas.



    –Ariana Gordon




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