‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 10

    Couple: Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke
    Dance: Tango, Jive

    Chad is still chasing that elusive 10 from the judges he’s been after since he first stepped foot into the ballroom this season. Now, with three weeks left in the competition and the mirrorball so close he can touch it, Chad is getting serious.

    “As the competition gets slim, I can’t have that fun and loving personality all the time,” said Chad. “At this point, now, I have to get extremely serious about my craft in order to win.”
    The sudden shift in attitude seems to have Cheryl shaken, which is a surprise to us. From what we’ve observed during their clips from practice, it seems that Chad has turned into the kind of student she’s wanted him to be from the beginning.

    However, Chad’s new attitude really lent itself to their tango on Monday. There was a certain frigidness to his moves that is key in this dance, but it needed to be a little sharper.

    Our opinion seemed to be on point with the judges, who all agreed that although the emotional commitment was there, a little more attention needed to be paid to the technical side of the routine.


    For their second turn on the floor, Chad got pimpalicious for a ’60s-inspired jive. 

    With a song like “Love Man” and a velvet suit with zebra lapels, this routine had Chad’s name all over it.  He and partner Cheryl seemed to be having a great time on the dance floor, but their jive wasn’t anything to jump and shout about. In our opinion, there were times where it really looked sloppy.
    Maybe it looked better live because the judges all seemed to love it. We wonder if they would have had such rave reviews if Niecy had delivered the same performance.


    Chad and Cheryl came away with a total score of 45 for the night, but is that high enough to keep them in step? Find out tonight when ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” at 8 p.m.



    – Sonya Eskridge



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