James Pickens Jr. digs deeper on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    James Pickens Jr. tells us what he really thinks about his character, Dr. Richard Webber, after this season of “Grey’s Anatomy.”







“Grey’s Anatomy” fanatics know that Dr. Richard Webber has been getting knocked down by life all season. He had a relapse with his alcoholism, and he lost the battle to maintain his position as chief of surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital.

    While all of this has been bad news for the fictional surgeon, his woes have given actor James Pickens Jr., who plays Richard, some weighty material to work with. 

    “I thought this season was pretty big,” James told S2S last week at the New York premiere of his new movie Just Wright. “I thought this was one of the best years, for me, personally on the show—investigating and kind of opening up this character. Hopefully we’ll see the progression of that next season.” 

    Unfortunately, James couldn’t gives us any scoops on what the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale has in store for Richard and the other doctors at Seattle Grace.

    While you’re recovering from whatever shocks “Grey’s” has in store, don’t forget to check James out as Queen Latifah’s loving, patient father in Just Wright, which hits theaters Friday.




    – Sonya Eskridge
       Reporting by Ericka Boston




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