Miami wants to keep D.Wade

    Dwyane Wade is on the verge of a split from the Miami Heat, but the team is doing it’s best to hold onto him.

    D.Wade is about to be a free agent when his contract with Miami expires. In an effort to keep the NBA player from divorcing them, the team has launched
    The Web site allows fans to post their pleas (whether by video or text) for Dwyane to stay in Miami. It also provides Dwyane-diehards with helpful hints about ways to convince the baller to stick around. For example: Fans who spot him out at a restaurant should definitely send a delicious desert to his table.
    If this video he posted to YouTube in response to the outpouring of support is any indication, Dwyane is definitely seems to be feeling the love, .



    – Sonya Eskridge




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