‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 17

    Couple: Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke 

    Dance: Samba

    While we’d love to tell you more about how practice went this week, ABC decided to do a little background package on the celebs’ past. But if there is anything we learned about Chad last night it is that he has always been determined to succeed. 

    Anyone who has been paying attention to “DWTS” this season knows he definitely brings the determination to the ballroom—especially since he’s working his butt to get a 10!

    We think he, unfortunately, fell short of that goal with this second turn on the floor. Chad and Cheryl pulled a complete 180 from earlier in the evening with their samba.  Where their waltz was elegant, their samba seemed a little frayed around the edges.

    All we can say is thank goodness for YouTube because Cheryl stole the show this time around. We had to play back their routine to see what the heck Chad was doing! It wasn’t a bad routine, because he had a few really great moments in the routine, but this wasn’t the best performance he’s ever presented. 


    Chad better thank his lucky stars that his personality, and his chest, won the crowd over. 

    “You got a rough deal tonight because you had the toughest of the Latin dances,” said Len. “And for a really tough dance you did a great job.”

    “I’m torn between admiration and bitter envy. I will never take my clothes off again,” Bruno vowed before adding that Chad really nailed the spirit of the samba. “You got it right, I had fun with it!”
    “Unfortunately, your technique hasn’t quite matured like everybody else, but that’s because you started at a different location,” Carrie Ann added. “You are just phenomenal!”
    But for all the praise, their words weren’t reflected in the scores Chad got for the routine. He and Cheryl came away 25 points for their samba, putting their final score at 52 for the night
    See if Chad has enough charisma to make it to the finals when ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars: the Results” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge

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