Keke Palmer takes Paris

    Keke Palmer and her friends are heading to Paris and getting into some trouble in her new TV movie.


    Recently licensed to drive and just weeks away from finishing high school, 16-year-old Keke Palmer is the girl that everybody loves to love. Parents appreciate her; kids admire her. It’s that across-the-board magnetism that makes her show, “True Jackson VP,” one of Nickelodeon’s must-see hits. So the channel’s execs are expecting those same fans and families to get a kick out of Keke’s made-for-TV movie, “True Jackson Trapped in Paris,” which airs Saturday, May 22 at 8 PM on Nick. 


    In the film, shot at Paramount Studios, not the City of Lights, True and her friends fly to Paris to design a dress for the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, but they find themselves stuck in an international meltdown when they can’t seem to please their client’s finicky fashion tastes.


    “It’s an adventurous, action-packed film with a lot of fun. Kids will love to watch it and parents won’t be bored,” says Keke, who is looking forward to doing some real globetrotting now that she’s a high school graduate. “It’s definitely a load off,” she smiles.



    When she’s ready to jump back into books, she says, “I guess I’ll take some community college courses. I’m not 18 yet, so I’ve got some time to think about it.” 



    With her second album in the final stages of completion, her Mad Styles by True Jackson clothing line flying off of Wal-mart’s heavily shopped racks and her made-for-TV movie airing on Saturday, young Miss Palmer is cultivating her multi-industry trifecta. What you won’t catch her doing is watching repeats of her performances. She’s pretty adamant about that.


    “I’ll watch stuff as soon as it’s finished, but I don’t watch it again after that. I get embarrassed. I think that’s weird, just sitting up watching yourself,” cringes Keke, who prefers “Degrassi” and “Tough Love” to her own productions. “I’d be a weirdo sitting there watching a “True Jackson” marathon. That would be so weird.” No worries, Keke. That’s what the fans are for. 



    – Janelle Harris




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