Tiger building new home

    Tiger isn’t letting his divorce keep him from building a new home. 

    TCPalm.com reports that Tiger is building a 9,000-square-ft home in Juniper Island, Florida. Construction paperwork filed within the last month states that the two-story mansion will include an oxygen therapy room. 

    Tiger is also making some room on the 12-acre compound for a practice golf course and four pools, including one specifically for his two kids. Evertything is slated to be ready for move in by August.
    This news comes of the heels of reports that Elin is asking for more money and full custody of the kids in her impending divorce from the pro golfer. According to
    The Chicago Sun-Times, she’s seeking $750 million from Tiger.

    New York Daily News said that Tiger hasn’t agreed to Elin’s request, but if he does, he wants her to sign a confidentiality clause in their divorce settlement. The deal would bar Elin from doing any interviews or writing a book about the breakdown of their marriage.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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