Basketball Wife arrested at reunion

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    A taping for the “Basketball Wives” reunion special hit a snag when Suzie Ketcham was detained by police.

    If you were at Occidental Studios on Saturday for the live taping, then you know that at home viewers will be in for quite a show. reports that tempers flared for the VH1 reality star, who used to date Michael Olowokondi, came face-to-face with a group she tangled with earlier in the season. 

    "The show was taping and then the cast was told, ‘We have a surprise guest,” one audience member told Radar Online. When the host brought out a woman named “Sandra,” Suzie grabbed a bucket of water and poured it on her. 

    That’s not the first time the sidepiece got splashed, though.  The last time they met up, Suzie threw a drink in Sandra’s face, which sparked a vicious-if-brief scuffle.  On Saturday, Sandra opted to retreat from the confrontation.

    “Sandra tried to run away, but in the process, she slipped in the water and fell,” the witness recalled. Paramedics responded to the scene to help the seriously injured guest, “As she was being taken off set, the first words out of her mouth were, ‘Call my lawyer,’” the tipster said.
    Shortly after, Suzie was hauled off by cops for questioning.  VH1 finished taping the special, slated to air June 20. There’s no word at this time on whether that show will make it to air. 

    In case you missed the “Basketball Wives” season finale, you can check it out below.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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    One thought on “Basketball Wife arrested at reunion

    1. Seriously VH1? Can you please cut this show! These women knew coming in the gate that they were not the only ones. And what’s with all the tears from the “FIANCES”? You were never married to a ball player and probably never will be! If you married a real estate tycoon or preacher you would have the same issues — take a look at you and keep it moving. The chick that’s married to dude with the knot on his head is distrubing and actually she’s a she/man; androgous looking. Then theres the AVTAR chick name Suzie who found the blackess African to prove that she’s not racist and had kids because she wanted color in life. And we won’t talk about the little one with the body and face of a 13 year old and a bad overbite (Tootie from Facts of Life lives on). What is her purpose for being on the show? What does she have to contribute to the rest of those miserable azz bytches besides an occassional verbal beat down cause she’s only 4’11 and they’re 6’1 to 6’5! I have watched this show one time on the link from this website and I will never watch it again. They give basketball a bad name. And I’m not haten’ cause I don’t do men, but if I did, I would be Tasha Mack and not Shawnnie Shack! Are you serious VH1? (sigh)

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